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Looking for some unique, exclusive recordings from live performances at The Round in Seattle?


DAMIEN JURADO, Cataldo, Cumulus, Hannalee, Aaron Sprinkle, The Cellar Door feat Mary Lambert (of Macklemore), Pretty Broken Things, and Zach Fleury.  Other favorites on the Podcast include Hot Bodies in Motion, Kaylee Cole, Lemolo, Hey Marseilles, Bryan John Appleby, Drew Grow, Star Anna, and many more.  Some songs feature unique collaborations and some improv even between the singers who shared the stage at The Round.




Plus – check out 14 completely unique live recordings from amazing artists like Rosie Thomas, Damien Jurado, Hey Marseilles, Drew Grow, and many more.  To purchase The Round’s first ever compilation album, just head over to the Fremont Abbey BANDCAMP.

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