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Some past artists at The Round include…. David Bazan, Jesse Sykes, Damien Jurado, Mark Pickerel (Screaming Trees), Robin Pecknold (Fleet Foxes), Rosie Thomas, John Van Deusen (The Lonely Forest), Hey Marseilles, Kay Kay & His Weathered Underground Head Like a Kite, Sean Nelson (Harvey Danger), Daniel Blue (Motopony), Hannalee, Hot Bodies In Motion, Benjamin Verdoes (Mt St. Helens Vietnam Band), The Globes, J. Tillman (Fleet foxes), Zach Tillman Jake Bradley (Over the Rhine, etc.), Sonny Votolato (Slender Means), Goldfinch, Joshua Morrison, Aaron Sprinkle, Jason Webley, Denison Witmer, Buddy Wakefield Ken Stringfellow (The Posies) Shenandoah Davis (Grand Hallway) Bryan John Appleby Kaylee Cole Mychal Cohen (Campfire OK) OK Sweetheart Jason Dodson (The Maldives) Kelli Schaefer Zoe Muth Kasey Anderson Kevin Murphy (The MoonDoggies) Brennan Strawn (Monarch) Rick Wright (Wesafari) Talitha Bullock Jenna Conrad (Troubletown) Greg Paul Yuni In Taxco Shelby Earl The Ghost Of Kyle Bradford Lemolo Land Of Pines Alex Roberts ( The Black Whales) The Young Evils Naomi Wachiri Anna Arvan (I Love You Avalanche) Paul Rucker Leslie Wood Zach Tillman Alessandra Rose (The Kindness Kind) Big Sur Kelli Schaefer Kenny Hutson Ian McFeron Tony Kevin Jr. Carrie Akre Michael Harris (Idiot Pilot) Jake Bradley Sallie Ford Johanna Kunin Nouela Johnston (People Eating People) John Ramberg (The Tripwires) Hannah Williams (Friday Mile) Laura Gibson Justin Ringle (Horse Feathers), Gabe Archer (The Pale Pacific), Transmissionary Six Andy Fitts Curtis Romjue (jubilee) Ben Fisher David Broecker Drew Grow (& the Pastors Wives) Josh Ottum Annalynne Williams Jamie Kilstein Danny Sherrard Karen Finneyrock Katy Bowser Nathan McEuen Denise Jolly Ryler Dustin Emily Leonard Kate Protage Victor Ramirez Canary Sing and many, many more!!!!