MAY 12: Round 120


The Round (#120) is May 12th which means we’re now at 120 months in a row!  Creative collaboration with musicians sharing the stage with slam poets and live painters. Always a unique experience for artists and audience.

Loch Lomond (Portland), Windoe (Spokane), Hotel Vignette (Nils Peterson of Rose Windows/Ole Tinder), plus Slam Poet Dalin Costello and a live painter

Featured Nonprofit: Puentes for Families – Advocacy, Counseling, Education
Puentes mobilizes mental health resources to help undocumented migrants and their families cope and flourish despite our broken immigration system. Through advocacy, counseling, and education, Puentes seeks to reunite families and connect community members towards immigration justice in the U.S.

[Loch Lomond]5-12 Loch Lomond

[Throwback Image from Round 6, 2005. First show @ Fremont Abbey]r6 seattle